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From the day the first staff was hired by RT, we are helping orphanages and carehomes for children in Tula region. Our friends are Rehabilitation center for children #4 that has two carehomes located and Schekino and Gvardeyskoye. There are 60 children living in both homes aged 3 to 17. Also they run a psychological help department that focuses on resolving family issues and helping both children and their families in difficult situations - they have offices in four town in Tula region. Another part of their job is monitoring and helping children in disadvantaged and poor families. 

Yasnaya Polyana orphanage, our friends for the past 11 years, is temporarily closed for reconstruction.

How can you help?

For many years we are getting kids ready for the long summer holidays, get the school supplies, make sure every child gets a personal present for Christmas. 

No matter what the season is, the orphanages have the constant need of:

- computers. Actually, nothing fancy - just fast "typing machines" for the kids to do their homework, and the teachers to do the learning programs, psychological rehabilitation programs, and all the paperwork. Used computers - laptops included - are also good! 

- furniture. Kids need tables and chairs to comfortably do their homework, new tables and stools for the caffeteria, wardrobes, game room furniture. 

- financial support and construction materials for renovations. Small-scale renovations are happening all the time, and in Yasnaya Polyana they are rebuilding the whole place! All and any help with construction is needed! 

- creativity and craft sets for different ages. Teachers work with kids developing their motor skills and creative talents, teach various crafts and useful everyday skills like sewing or cooking. All sorts of items for crafts and are are needed all the time.

If you want to join our cause, please email us via the form on the right or call our charity coordinator Tina Berezhnaya +7 499 75 000 75 ext.1496.

Helping is easy: email us
Christmas visit on December 24th, 2016

I am exhilarated to tell you about our visit to the orphanages last Saturday: we outdid ourselves on every count this time! Together we gathered so many presents for the children and raised so much in funds for the orphanages, we have never been even close to this before! It is now a tradition that our friends from VTB24 bank help us with the cause. With immense gratitude to you and everyone who joined us, here is a what we did this time:


We gathered 446 700 roubles and 200 euros.


We got presents for 72 kids in the orphanages, 14 children with disabilities and 10 children in poor families, and also we bought almost 500 boxes of Christmas sweets for children in poor families.

We used the funds to purchase:
80 sets of linens
Disinfecting lamps for the rooms where children live – 6 professional medical lamps
A couch and 2 chairs for Schekino
Medical devices for both orphanages (glucometer with test strips, tonometer with a children’s sleeve, weights, medicine boxes)
Learning tools and books, teacher supplies, workbooks – 99 varieties
Art and craft supplies
Toys for psychologists’ room
Clothes, shoes, daily needs
The presents children asked Santa for


We spent 413 941 roubles, the 32 759 roubles and 200 euros we have left will be used for the orphanage needs for the summer. You can see the full detailed spending report attached to this email.

Our canteen baked 4 boxes of wonderfully tasty buns for the kids – they had a tea-party on Saturday night and enjoyed the sweets greatly!
Our colleagues from the Arabic channel magically provided 10 big boxes of awesome fresh strawberries – the kids were over the moon!

This time our friends from antique sales community set up an online auction with unique vintage items and raised 40 500 roubles for the orphanages.
Ladies from “Russian Moms in Germany” online club baked pies and sold them to raise 700 euros for our kids.
12 huge bags of new quality clothes and shoes for children were donated by “Gulliver” store chain.
A group of volunteers from Russian Railroads company sent presents for the orphanages (legos, school supplies, toys, diapers, learning games)

Photos by Zhanna Maximova, Lera Maximovich

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