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Since day 1, RT staff supports orphanages in Tula region. We are friends with three carehomes, and also help the department of family support and disadvantaged family support groups created by the carehomes. 

"Road to Life" foundation was created by RT staff to help orphans with serious deseases in Russian province get quality medical treatment in Moscow Speransky hospital. 

RT war correspondent is helping poort, sich, disadvantaged children and children hurt in the shootings in Donbass, Ukraine. 


New Year presents for children in the orphanages

Dear friends and colleagues!

Finally the magic time when we turn into kind and attentive fairy-godmothers and winter wizzards - Santa Clauses for our little friends in the orphanages in Gvardeysky and Schekino. Of course it's our favorite season, because making presents is so much more rewarding than getting them! As usual, the kids wrote letters to Santa, and as usual in the most unbelievable and most usual ways they ended up with us:) What do kids want for Christmas? The lists are below.
Do you want to become someone's personal Santa? Please, tell Tina about it!
 You can also help by donating, doing some work (sorting and packing the clothes we've collected, packing the gifts etc.), coming with us to the orphanages and making pictures and videos there. 

Got questions? Can you help in any way? Please email or call Tina!

Presents for children in Gvardeysky

Pre-school kids

Natalia Romashkina, 4 - Doll stroller

Vika Nikiforova, 4 - Summer doll stroller

Artem Maximov, 6 - Remote-controlled car

Egor Maximov, 5 - Remote-controlled chopper

Serezha Semenov, 6 - Magic Tracks race course

Matvey Vorobyov, 5 - toys from Puppy Patrol

Sofia Elshina, 6 - Hasbro Furreal Friends A2003 Daisy kitten

Sasha Altukhov, 6 - a big toy truck to ride and give rides 

Sasha Kartashov, 4 - a big toy truck to ride and give rides

Elementary and middle school

Dima Romashkin, 7 - Remote-controlled chopper

Anastasia Khokhlova, 10 - kids make-up set, sewing kit for children 

Ilgar Mamedov, 10 - Nerf blaster

Yana Kryukova, 10 - kids make-up set, Teddy bear 

Zhanna Kryukova, 7 - Hasbro Furreal Friends B9070 talking puppy

Maxim Kravtsov, 12 - Nerf blaster

Anastasia Zyuzina, 11 - Mp3 player and big headphones

Irina Guseva, 7 - doll bed and accessories for Baby Born dolls 

Evgenia Guseva, 11 - kids make-up set

Veronika Guseva, 12 - a bluetooth speaker, a memory stick 

Alexandre Fedorov, 8 - Remote-controlled car

Polina Fedorova, 11- a bluetooth speaker, a memory stick 

Tanya Kartashova, 11 - big princess doll 

High school

Olga Fedorova, 15 - Moony Witcher books "Nina", fintess suite (size 54, 170 sm tall)

Artem Borzenkov, 15 - a bluetooth speaker (JBL), large headphones

Evgenia Borzenkova, 13 - a photo camera with a memory card - present from Tina

Veronika Altukhova, 13 - a tablet

Alexander Polyakov, 12 - a bluetooth speaker, a memory stick 

Lyudmila Erokhina , 14 - Hair iron, a lounge dress size 42

Nikita Panfilov, 12 - a tablet 

Daniil Rodin, 11 - PSP with games 

Katya Dyomina, 13 - a Lenovo smartphone 

Daniil Korotkov, 15 - smartphone cover for Honor 6c pro (khaki), a powerbank, small headphones

Nikita Voynov, 13 - a waterproof watch, a football 

Svetlana Sergeeva, 13 - make-up set (micellium water, face tonic, make-up base, BBcream (the lightest color), consealer, mascara, eye-liner, bronzer, highlighter, nude eye-shadows, pink lipstick and lip gloss)

Vika Slivkina. 14 - a bluetooth speaker, a memory stick 

Evgenia Shelukhina, 17 - (she's pregnant and will give birth in February!) - a mobile phone, a feeding pillow (all baby stuff will help, actually!)

Presents for children in Schekino

High school

Alina Yarovaya - bluetooth headphones, a bluetooth speaker, a "Destroy me" art book 

Nadezhda Datsko - skiing suit, size 46-48, 164-170 sm tall 

Andrey Gorshkov - a smartphone

Vladimir Gugiev - a smartphone

Dasha Nassonova - a smartphone

Sergey Nassonov - a smartphone

Lyubov Sorokanova - light-up sneakers, size 39

Anastasia Gorshkova - a smartphone

Anastasia Vedenina - a smartphone

Maxim Vedenin - a smartphone

Elementary and Middle school

Vadim Samchenko - a smartphone

Dasha Zolotushnikova - light-up sneakers, size 36

Danila Gorshkov - a smartphone

Viktor Sorokovanov - a smartphone

Alina Alexandrova - a smartphone 

Valeria Travina - light-up sneakers, size 36

Maxim Kozlov - a smartphone

Anna Tiganova - skates, size 36

Matvey Drozhzhachikh - a big Lego set, a bluetooth speaker 

Margarita Rybalkina - a smartphone 

Yana Talysheva - a big Teddy bear and a big doll 


Daniil Byvshev - table games and big car 

Varvara Byvsheva - a talking doll 

Maxim Isaev - a car and a construction set 

Dmitry Datsko - a robot dog 

Denis Sorokovanov - a railroad or a racetrack 

Vadim Polyakov - a Lego set

Vladimir Datsko - a phone for kids and a railroad 

Evgeny Kuznetsov - a car that can honk 

Polina Zubkova - a coloring book and a doll with clothes 

Grigory Likhachev - a remote -control car 

Arsenty Kurochkin - a robot dog