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Helping the children of Donbass

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I'm helping the children of Donbass, Ukraine, for two years already. During this time my friends and people I have never met before helpled me raise funds to purchase many absolutely necessary things for disadvantaged, poor, sick children and kids who were hurn in the shootings. I won't list them all here, but there are photos and videos of all our charity actions on my Facebook page

In short, we brought school supplies, winter shoes and clothes, diapers and drugs for children, toys, sports clothes, orthopedic and rehabilitation means for kids with cerebral palsy, and of course we organized celebrations for children. We've raised over a million roubles already!

The 1st of June, the World Children's Day, is coming soon. I invite you to take part in the celebration for 48 children living in the Center for Social Rehabilitation for Children in the town of Gorlovka in Donetsk region. We have a whole day planned for them in Donetsk! We take them to an aquapark, invite animators to play games, go to a cafe with home-style food and of course bring presents!

The entire budget including transportation for kids from Gorlovka to Donetsk and back is roughly 65 thousand roubles ($1200). I am ready to pay a third of the sum, and hope you will support me!

As usual all the donations will be published on my Facebook page. Thank you so much!

My Sberbank card is 4279380023531041 

Helping is easy: email us

Roman Kosarev, RT correspondent

Videos produced by people in Donbass:

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